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The Insight chapter

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Systemic Constellation Therapeutic Method

"Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do"

-Brené Brown

What IS the systemic constellation therapeutic approach all about?

  • It is also called the family constellation therapeutic method
  • At the core of it is the discovery of the basic laws that govern family systems.
  • Seeks to shed light upon hidden family dynamics, patterns, and potentially, inherited trauma scenarios.
  • Unrecognized dynamics could potentially span generations and result in issues in the areas of addiction, anxiety, depression, abundance, relationship problems (both personal and professional), and a whole host of others.
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Do any of these ring a bell?

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"I keep getting into the same sorts of negative relationships"

“I cannot get along with my parents/family, no matter how hard I try”

"I'm all alone"

"I let everyone down all the time"

"I always need to take on more than I should"

"I am always overwhelmed, anxious and depressed"

"I am never appreciated or seen"

  • Excerpts from 'It Didn't Start With You' by Mark Wolynn

What happens in a session?

  • The facilitator seeks to determine if the root cause to the client’s issue lies within their family system and history.
  • The client is given the opportunity to acknowledge the situation, and where possible, to gain insight and healing.
  • The process: The facilitator uses simple objects to represent various people and elements within the client's life.
  • The aim: To gain insight into the dynamics of the client's issue and to move towards resolution.

The Insight Chapter Features

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Private constellation sessions

- The ideal option for a more personal experience. Available both face to face and online

User Groups

Group based constellation sessions

- Great for seeing how family dynamics work with people representing different elements

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Hi, I'm Surabhi

I am certified and trained in the facilitation of Systemic Constellations in both group and private settings (Institut für Systemische Aufstellungen - Zurich). Through private sessions and workshops, I aim to uncover the root causes behind personal issues and to provide my clients the opportunity to gain insight and healing.

My own experiences have led me into the space of understanding that unrecognised dynamics and inherited traumas within the systems we belong to (e.g. family, work, social circles, etc.) could potentially span generations and affect our day to day lives.

I am based out of Kuala Lumpur and I work both in person and online. I am a recognised Professional Constellator with the Constellators International Organisation.

Client Testimonials

I can highly recommend Surabhi Nambiar as a practitioner of Family Constellation. I discovered through the FC work that a lot of my non self-serving emotional patterns as an adult were in fact related to my bad, almost heinous experiences in childhood with my mother. It was an easy process, and the deep relief that followed as the weight lifted off my shoulders for the first time in years was indescribable. My relationship with my husband has also improved as a result, we communicate so much better now after 33 years of marriage!

A Drew

I did a meaningful and deep mini-family constellation with Surabhi of the Insight Chapter two saturdays ago at the Life Reset Festival in PJ. I felt blocked and overwhelmed with pressures of work. I am very grateful that Surabhi was so gentle and patient to guide me to dig out old unhealed child traumas within me to clear my business issues. I find her guidance very good and not only did I clear a big deadline after her session on the same night, I slept very well too. The next week, I received positive feedback from my client about the work that I had done after Surabhi’s session. Thank you, Surabhi.

Gene Tan

As someone who had no knowledge of FC, Surabhi guided me ever so patiently through the session. With Surabhi’s help I managed to address some issues in my life that I didn’t realise was an issue. Surabhi’s soft skills are exemplary & I would recommend Surabhi’s expertise to anyone eager to venture into FC.

S Nair

I came to Surabhi with a recurring relationship issue that has affected my choices in finding the right partner. Her session gave me clarity and further insights into the systemic root cause of my repeated patterns of attracting unavailable men. As an FC practitioner myself, I have looked into my relationships with both my father and mother; however, it was not yet revealed that the failed choices I’ve made when finding a partner were directly connected to my mother’s lost love. Surabhi tactfully identified and differentiated the cause of my problem, which may or may not be directly influenced by my childhood traumas. She was able to intuitively recognise that it was indeed systemic. Since the FC session, I have gained the clarity I needed, and in turn, I can make conscious choices. Thanks to Surabhi, I now know the type of relationship I deserve - one that dares to love me fully and wholeheartedly.

N H Salam

I booked a Family Constellation Therapy session out of curiosity - having read about it in the past and wanting to understand how this process works. Of course I went in with a genuine concern and was met with warmth, openness, understanding, patience and compassion by Surabhi. It was a very intuitive process for me and Surabhi was a very gentle, calm and skillful guide who held space and helped me navigate the process with ease. The outcome was was truly eye-opening - it reminded me to give thanks to my lineage, helped me see patterns and beliefs that were holding me back and unburden weights that are not mine to carry. I felt safe with her and am grateful for the work she does. Will definitely go back in future to work on other issues and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for insight into their behaviours and wanting something better for themselves. Thank you Surabhi! ♥

S Raju

Live Events


16th: Next Chapter Consultancy Counselling and Therapy Centre Open Day.

Taipan, Subang Jaya.

10am - 5pm

24th: Free Talk on the Family Constellation Therapeutic Method.

Topic: Recurring Relationship Issues: A Systemic View.

Next Chapter Consultancy Counselling and Therapy Centre. Taipan, Subang Jaya.

4 - 5pm

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